Conservation and Youth Outreach

Conservation Projects

The Gunnison Angling Society (GAS) has assisted with willow plantings, construction of check dams, electro-shocking for insect studies, and has partnered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on various conservation/restoration projects. GAS has also helped CPW stock the Gunnison River with rainbow trout fry which researchers are hopeful will be resistant to whirling disease. The rainbow trout population has increased significantly in recent years. In 2015, GAS voted to commit $3,000 in financial support and 100 man-hours of on-the-ground labor for a river/habitat improvement project on the Van Tuyl’s section (town stretch) of the Gunnison River. The chapter also assisted with the reintroduction of the Pteronarcys stonefly in the Upper Gunnison River during 2015 and 2016.

Superfly and Youth Outreach

The Gunnison Chapter initiated the Superfly event in 1989. It is our annual fundraiser held each September. Money raised with Superfly helps fund youth education in Colorado by providing financial support for the annual Colorado TU River Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp. Our contributions help to further develop the camp and provide scholarships for students each year. GAS also participates in the Kids’ Fishing Day in Gunnison each year, which is a fun family event held each June. And GAS helped to launch the first Adopt-a-Trout (AAT) program in the schools in our area in 2015. AAT is a youth education program that creates the next generation of conservationists and fisheries stewards.  Designed to increase local awareness of conservation issues by connecting classrooms to trout research, the program allows students to connect with their local environment and foster a life long appreciation of natural systems. Students in the Environmental Science Class at Gunnison High School are participating in both the classroom and out in the field. The combined donation to AAT from GAS, from the Fly Fishing Film Festival and a direct chapter donation, totaled $1,889.85 during 2015. The chapter continues to provide ongoing support for AAT.

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