Superfly Rules

  1. Teams will consist of two anglers who will fish together on one beat in the AM and one beat in the PM. Teams will fish one private beat and one public beat. There will be one Superfly monitor per team on each beat. Monitors will measure each fish scored, as well as provide information related to the beats and the rules for the tournament.
  2. Professional guides may enter the contest, but no more than one guide will be allowed on a team.
  3. Contestants may use two flies of their choice for the day. The hooks of all flies used during the competition must be barbless.
Contest Rules
  1. Kokanee salmon will not count in the contest. Only trout or char caught during the time allowed in the contest will be counted on the scorecard.
  2. No more than two flies, of any combination, may be used during the contest. Only one fly may be used at a time (no droppers). When changing flies, the monitor will check to make sure the hook is barbless before it is used.
  3. All fish caught under the scoring rules must be fair hooked in the mouth and landed by the contestant, not the team partner or monitor. The team’s monitor will then measure the fish to the nearest 1/4 inch. After release, the fish will then be recorded on the individual’s scorecard according to the rules of scoring. All fish caught must be released safely or they will not be counted in the contest.
  4. The individual scoring the most inches for the maximum five fish allowed will be declared “TOP ROD” and the team with the most inches, “TOP TEAM.” The contestant who catches the largest fish will also be presented an award with their fly which caught the fish, and that fly will be declared that year’s “SUPERFLY.”
  5. In the event of a tie, whoever scored their first fish in the least amount of time will be the winner.
  6. The Superfly monitor for the beat the team is fishing will be the final authority for resolving any dispute or interpretation of the rules while on the river.
  7. Contestants must fish the designated beat. No stocked ponds or artificial streams (irrigation ditches) are allowed.
Scoring Rules
  1. A maximum of five fish may be counted on the scorecard for each contestant. Once a fish has been entered on the scorecard it may not be removed. At no time can a fish be caught and the measurements “held” while trying to catch a better fish.
  2. The first fish caught and landed on the AM beat and the PM beat must be measured and entered on the scorecard.
  3. After the first fish is scored on each beat, a second fish of the contestant’s choice, may be scored on the card.
  4. One “wildcard fish” may be scored during the competition. The wildcard fish can be scored in the AM after the two AM fish have been scored – OR – the wildcard fish can be scored in the PM after the two PM fish have been scored. Once the wildcard fish has been entered on the scorecard it may not be removed and replaced by another fish during the competition.
  5. Scores must be reported by the monitor in person no later than 6 PM.

Register online now! You can now register and pay online with a credit card. Teams can also enter by downloading the team entry form and mailing it with a check for $600 to the Gunnison Angling Society.

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